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Do you have to perform some network computer repairs? If so, you are in the right place at the right time because we will let you know how you can connect two PCs to a switch and how you can connect two computers together. Yes, you will manage to do this right away.

We have the information you need in a step by step fashion. This is the simple yet effective information that you need to read so you can do the job pretty well as soon as you. You will see that these steps are not hard to implement. Therefore, you should read on so you can truly find out more.

How To Connect Computers To A Switch

To connect computers to a switch, you will need a networking switch, some computers, Ethernet cables, and applications such as Dukto. These are the steps:

You have to turn on the networking switch after connecting it to a power supply.Use Ethernet cables to connect the computers on your LAN network to your switch down the road.Download Dukto as soon as you can.Install the app on each one of the computers. Get an IP in sequential order for each computer.Turn off the WiFI.The iP of the computer connected to the Port 1 will be, and the Gateway/Router – this till you realize that the IP configuration is truly complete.Open Dukto.You should see all of the PCs connected to your switch.

How To Connect The Computers Together

Do you need to connect some computers? If so, you are in the right place at the right time. These are the steps:

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the two PCs.Go to the Control Panel’s Network and Internet section.Click on the Network and Sharing Center section.Click on Change Adapter Settings.Select both the Internet connection and the Wifi connection. You have to click on an icon that has the Wi-Fi section under it. This is the moment to hold down the important Ctrl key. Next, you need to click on the computer icon which has Ëthernet” under it too.You have to right-click the important WiFi Connection section as soon as possible so you can get the results you seek. You will see a drop-down menu right away. Click on the important Bridge Connections section as soon as you can too.

Remember that computers are here to stay for a long time. They make our lives easier, and we truly love them. You have learned how you can connect computers to a switch and how you can truly connect some computers together as soon as possible.

Remember also that these steps are not hard to implement. You will not have to spend an arm and a leg to get what you want when it comes to connecting two computers to a switch. You will not have to spend a lot of money to connect two computers together, and you will love what you will get down the road too. Do this right away and have fun while in this amazing process down the road. Thanks to Access Control Austin TX for this awesome article!

Modern Gaming Updates

Upgrades for You

Have you ever asked yourself why is this system failing me? Never look far for you are in the right place this article will offer the best in the computer parts upgrade. The computer consists of various parts so never be attracted by the physical appearance of the computer.
The first guideline to keep in mind is the purpose of purchasing your computer either a desktop or laptop. The area of application and usage in simple work and technical jobs.

The computer is manufactured by registered manufacturers who brand them according to their marketing name. You can purchase a Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and many more brands from the reseller stores, but the knowledge of the top-notch specifications can mostly be directed by an experienced computer technician or computer consultants. The support of Security Systems Nashville is of great convenience while choosing your upgrading parts.

Computer parts to Upgrade
While purchasing for a computer you must look for the top best specifications for your computer to serve you excellently without glitches and upgrade stress.
The computer Ram (Random Access Memory) this is the first part of the computer to look for and make sure that you have sufficient Memory for a perfect performance. RAM storage capacity is measured from Megabytes to Gigabytes, cache in L1 and L2. The higher the memory storage capacity the better it’s performance. The modern default memory holding capacity is 2 to 4 Gigabytes which can be upgraded to 32 Gigabytes, but this can be limited depending on the processor.
This is the main part of the computer that makes it have the name computer as it works as the “engine” of the computer the clock speed is measured in GigaHertz. The latest processors come in multi-core processor from Dual core, Quadcore with multiple cores. All the computer operations are handled by the processor. Make a guided choice while looking for a processor purchase the latest in the market.
Hard drive
This works as the storage area of the computer where all files and folders are stored either for archiving or for safe storage. The capacity of the hard drive is calculated by the amount of data that can be stored. The modern requirement of large storage space has improved the hard drive storage capacity from Megabytes to Petabytes. The higher the requirement for large capacity the higher the interest for hard drive upgrade.
The upgrading of these parts mostly applies to both laptop and desktop computer they only vary in the upgrade of the screen of the computer as you can upgrade from a 17-inch to a 32- inch monitor. The desktop computer is highly on the advantage rank as the desktop is perfectly manufactured with room for the desired upgrade of most components.
Laptops are purchased in their compact features although you can upgrade some of the parts stress-free. The best approach while purchasing for a computer is to go for the top specifications to ease the need for a sudden upgrade.
Factors to consider when planning for a computer upgrade 
• Cost of the parts
• Purpose of computer use
• Time 
• Inconvenience
• Technical knowledge
• Technology
While making your purchase of the best computer consult the expertise of Security Systems Nashville for a perfect computer choice that will serve you in an excellent performance.

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