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If you are looking for an all-in-one bundle that can be used in a large conference room for your next meeting, Yealink Zoom room kit CP960-UVC80 is the perfect kit for you. The best thing about using the Zoom room kit is that it does not require any additional gadgets. All you need is a Television in the conference or board room, and the kit will handle the rest. It can even handle dual screens.

With a wireless mic, your voice will be clear and make it easy for you to talk to the other members. The speakerphone and main mic setup can easily cover the whole conference room.

Yealink Zoom room kit CP960-UVC80 specifications:

Yealink UVC80 camera:

  • Up to 1080p at 60fps resolution.
  • 5 D field of view
  • 12x optical zoom
  • 200-degree pan, 60-degree tilt

Yealink CP960 Zoom Edition conference phone:

  • Android operating system
  • 5” 1280×720 capacitive touchscreen display
  • 3 microphones with a pickup range of 20ft, 360 degree

Yealink Mini-PC package:

  • Windows 0 operating system
  • Intel Core i7/i5 CPU processor
  • 128GB SSD storage space

 Two Yealink CPW90 wireless expansion microphones

What makes it different?

The best thing about the Zoom room kit is that you do not have to bear a lot of expense and no special equipment is needed with it. When you install an AV system, it requires drilling and making a hole in the floor, which can be expensive. Whereas installing Yealink is a lot cheaper and also easier. The only thing needed to install it is a PoE cable.

How does it work?

The touchscreen on the conference phone acts as a controller for the video conference. As it is android-based, it becomes easy to work with the Zoom room application. It includes a noise-proof technology and Optima HD audio which makes it easier for everyone in the conference room to hear clearly. If you want additional coverage, the two wireless microphones help to push the audio further.

With the controller, you can easily mute or unmute and adjust the volume according to your own needs. It also allows you to join meetings, control the camera, or start your presentation. The whole experience becomes easy when you can control it with just one kit.

The Yealink camera can record a video at 1080p at 60fps. This gives a stunning picture quality and also covers the whole room easily with 12x lossless zooming so that it becomes easy to pick out faces in the conference room. The adjustable angle and horizontal view of the camera easily provide the whole view of the large conference rooms. And the best thing about this is that there is no need for additional software installation.

After installing the Yealink zoom room kit, you do not have to worry about facing any further issues or difficulty while addressing a large group of people in a conference room. With an outstanding picture, video, and audio quality, the Yealink zoom room kit provides you an amazing experience.

Sonos Move Speaker is a portable speaker – 10 inches in height and 6 inches around, which can be easily put into your daily backpack. With 10 hours of battery life, this six-pound weight speaker is the best sounding smart speaker. Sonos Move Speakers is the first Sonos speaker that enables Bluetooth connectivity to stream while wifi is not available. Following are the noticeable features of this indoor-outdoor music device.

Loud, Proud And Clear Audio

Sonos Moves Speaker creates audio that could mostly be expected from a Sonos speaker. This speaker is especially designed to play music in all environment settings; either inside the home or outside air surroundings. The tweeter, woofer, and the two amplifiers combined delivers the sound of premium quality. The Sonos Move Speaker produces clear vocals and wide soundstage with its bassy and robust character.

 Auto True play

If you’re a Sonos speaker user, you already know about TruePlay via your smartphone to coordinate the device for space it is placed onto. But, Sonos Move Speaker has replaced this manual alignment with Auto TruePlay which allows the speaker to synchronize itself through built-in microphones automatically. Auto TruePlay adjusts the audio quality by your surroundings. The Auto TruePlay sound tuning feature always works in the background, listens, and adjusts the sound quality as soon as the surrounding environment of the Move speaker changes.

 Voice Control

For voice controls, the Sonos Move Speaker has microphone and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the assistant of your choice, you can command it provide you with local news or weather update. Moreover, you can also operate most of your smart-home devices through voice control commands. Therefore, you can enjoy a smart- control which is voice-operated, all of that too completely hands-free.

 wifi And Bluetooth Connectivity

The Sonos Move Speaker can be used as a standard Sonos wifi speaker by linking to your Sonos account. You can play music, set the alarm, and get traffic updates on the Sonos Move Speaker through wifi. And when there’s no wifi, the speaker enables Bluetooth connectivity, so there’s no pause in your music playing.

 Ultra Durable And Weather Resistant

The Sonos Move Speaker is ultra-durable, so you don’t have to worry about all the accidental drops. All of the components of the speaker are secured through a shock-resistant case. Furthermore, this speaker is weather-resistant too, which means, it dares to handle rain, snow, dust, UV rays, and extreme heat or cold.

 Long Battery Life And Simple Recharging

The Sonos Move Speaker has a 10-hour long battery life so you can enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous music. Also, recharging the Move Speaker is simple as it is done via the dock that comes within the packaging, which means you can still listen to music while the speaker is recharging. The speaker can also be charged with a compatible USB-C travel charger on the go. 

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In this era the world is so much dependent on technology. The digital world has taken over the lives of the people. Nowadays people are so much dependent on technology. This has created some serious issues and is running the capabilities of people. If we talk about smartphones, the phones has now become the necessity and is running the memory.

Here are few of the reasons of why we should be not be so much dependent on technology and how it will ruin our memory:

  • Multitasking Leads To Less Imaginative Thinking

Smartphones are the devices that contains so many apps and you have access to almost everything just with the touch on your screen. So it is really hard to hop on your phone for one purpose only. Let take an example, if you get online to pay a bill and then you see a lot of notifications from other apps so it hard to engage to that one task only, you will look up for other notifications too. So in this way multitasking makes us less intelligent because our focus and concentrations got distracted.

  • Social Aspects Of Memory Development Is Distracted Because Of Internet

Memory formation is always based on a social element. In the past few years if someone came up with a problem while making dessert, baking, or any DIY project the first approach a person think about is to call a friend or a member of the family in order to find the solution of that particular problem, which somehow helps to build and cement the memory. But nowadays our first priority is GOOGLE instead of calling any live person. You may get your answers immediately but that that piece of information is not long term. This is the reason why you have to look up to the same dessert recipe again and again. Without social component memory formation will not be as strong and doesn’t last longer.

  • Great Mental Decline Can Be Experienced Due To Smartphones Addiction

Addiction to smartphones and devices can be quite harmful. The intellectual decline is just because of overly usage of smartphone. Also leads to interruption in sleep and are the big contributors in the disruption in sleep. And if you are not sleeping properly (approximately 7-9 hours) at night then your brain will not be able to function effectively and may cause mental health issues.

  • Distraction Makes Difficult To Form Strong Memory

When you are not fully focused towards a certain information then how it will likely be able to form a strong memory, think about it. In regard to this, when we are multi-tasking and are busy in quickly scrolling all over the news feed, and found a piece of information that seems interesting, then it is more unlikely to be saved and stored in the long term memory due to the diversion in the focus. Scientist researched that neurons works actively when the subject is fully focused and concerned towards what they are learning.

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